What's this MaxRigging site all about?

Max Rigging is an authority resource on rigging and rowing equipment. You'll find information on equipment, rigging, rowing techniques, shells and oars, hand tools, safety items and also the most important piece of rowing equipment you'll ever use… your mind.

You could be a rower, a boatman or a coach - it's all good. There's something here for you, guaranteed. The site offers continually fresh content and articles, downloadable reports, a system to help you find your right rigging numbers and information on all aspects of rowing and rigging.

Who is this Mike Davenport guy, anyway?

Four score and thirty years ago… Just kidding. While I have some decades of experience under my belt, I'm not that old yet.

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My rowing equipment experience began back when I was a college freshman - I tripped over an oar. That's the moment when I realized rowing equipment was special. It deserved special care and respect, just like the sport of rowing itself.

I went on to become a coach, and one that worked beyond the collegiate experience. For two years, I was part of the U.S. National Rowing Team as an assistant coach to the US Pre-Elite Heavyweight team. Then I got lucky, spent the summer of 1991 in Cuba as a member of the Pan American team. I moved on to be a member of the 1992-95 U.S. World Championship teams and was also a member of the 1996 Olympic Team that competed in Atlanta, GA.

I am the guy behind StickFigureSimple and use simple images to help explain things, have authored several books (check out the Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging here), am a regular speaker at coaching conferences, workshops, and conventions, and I was the primary educational consultant for USRowing.

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Pretty fun stuff, but that's just credentials. I never let all that go to my head.

Today I enjoy teaching busy rowers, distracted coaches, and hassled coxswains about rigging so they can get the most out of their rowing equipment. I also work as a collegiate rowing coach and lecturer at Washington College, in Chestertown, Maryland.

As a consultant, author, and professional speaker, I spread the word about honest and creative ways people can use physical and mental tools or resources to maximize their performance, be faster, save money, and reduce the stress and strain of dealing with rowing equipment.

In what some call the most equipment-intensive sport there is today, I show many beginners and experts how to thrive - and I thrive on every moment they look at me and say, "Thank you. That helped."

If you want advice, help or consultation on your rowing, rigging, or coaching needs, or if you want to set up a clinic or workshop on rigging and rowing, feel free to let me know. Just click here to contact me.

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